Actually, is it even a movie?

So after France, we took a flight (from the correct airport) to Spain. Kathleen has some family friends in Granada, who we planned to visit with for six days (read: free place to stay!)

Day 1: we arrived at Malaga and took a two-hour bus ride to Granada. There we met a fellow American traveler named Connecticut Kevin. You will never guess where he’s from or what his first name is.

Pepe, our ‘host father,’ came to pick us up from the bus station. After unpacking and taking our first shower without flip flops, we went to dinner in the city. There was plenty of delicious food- but is it weird that I mostly just remember the olives? Man those olives were good.

Day 2: Bright, and way too early, Kathleen and I woke up and went to the Alhambra. History, war, palaces, beautiful gardens, it has it all. I took a bunch of pictures but I’m too lazy to post them all, so here’s a picture of a Spanish rose:

Oh, I almost forgot! I also met a human statue that day. Here’s what it would look like if I danced with it:

Day 3: A private tour of the city guided by Pepe! We saw cathedrals, museums, and other important buildings.  When we got back to the house, Kathleen and I played with the kittens, Sam and Missy, and took a quick swim in the pool. Before dinner, Pepe and his wife Conchi drove us to the city so we could walk around, drink sangria, and look at Flamenco street performers.

When we got home, Pepe gave us salmon caviar to try (now imagine me adjusting my monocle).

Day 4: Day at the beach. We met up with our new friend Connecticut Kevin (have you figured out which state he’s from yet?) and took the bus to the beach.

Okay so, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of not bragging about what we’re seeing, but guys this beach was AMAZING. Instead of sand, there were tiny pebbles (so you don’t come back dumping sand out of everything), instead of murky, grayish water, the water was the color of- you know those blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers? And instead of a pretty average day, our day was fantastic.

That evening we went into the city and met up again with Connecticut Kev (that’s what we call Connecticut Kevin for short because we’re such good friends) for some tapas, Spanish wine, and a well-earned hangover the next day.

Day 5: I…I literally sat by the pool all day. Here’s a picture of the kittens:

Day 6: Goodbye Spain, onto Italy!