Okay, I know this sounds like the title of a bad chick flick. But Paris is actually a fantastic way to spend the last three days of the week. Here’s what we did!

Stayed in a tiny apartment: Kathleen booked an apartment through Airbnb in the center of Paris. When the description said the space was “cozy,” not only were they not kidding, they were exaggerating. Being a city apartment, I knew it would be tight. But I had no idea how small living spaces could actually be. We arrived to a room, smaller than either of our bedrooms, complete with a pullout couch, table, stools, sink, stovetop, mini fridge, and bathroom, which you couldn’t actually shut because your knees would obstruct the door. Our first evening in Paris, we took advantage of the sink and hand washed some of our clothes. Then we found a little local market and shared a quaint French meal in our apartment while our underwear dried on a taut shoelace above our heads.

The Louvre: paintings by famous people, Napoleon’s apartment, Egyptian sculptures, Mona Lisa (surrounded by guards, a glass wall, and a million tourists), and this constant realization that you actually have so little time to spend there.

The Eiffel Tower: okay, I’m not going to lie. I thought it would just be a TON of tourists standing around taking cheesy pictures with digital cameras and selfie sticks to brag to everyone that they saw THE Eiffel Tower. In fact, I almost wanted to skip it for that very reason. But we decided that we are in Paris, so we should at least check it out. And guess what…it was filled with tourists standing around taking pictures with digital cameras and selfie sticks (including this older Asian couple wearing fanny packs who kept trying to get a “jump” shot). But also, all that aside…IT WAS INCREDIBLE. Imagine…okay, imagine all of the pictures you’ve ever seen of the Eiffel Tower. But in real life. That’s exactly what it’s like.

Picasso Museum: man that guy was weird.

Dans le Noir: on Saturday night, we ate dinner at this place called Dans le Noir. It’s literally an entire restaurant in the dark; and I don’t mean dim lighting- like, it was pitch black. We had to put our phones and other shiny belongings into a locker, then we conga-lined through curtains into the dining room. Beforehand we had selected the amount an types of courses that we wanted, and throughout the meal the waiters (who, by the way, were all blind), brought us our dishes (which we didn’t find out what it was until later). Interesting concept, good food…try it at least once.

Walking: HOLY CRAP we did a lot of it.

Eating dinner along the Seine with bread, wine, cheese, and some plastic cups that we borrowed/took from strangers: we did that too, it was really lovely.

Learned some French: just kidding, everyone speaks English here.

Also: We met Matthew McConaughey, started dating him, got into a tragic fight and broke up, then after completely turning our lives around for the better, we met each other at the Eiffel Tower and reconciled everything. In the rain.

Okay be honest, should I start writing movie scripts?

Au revoir for now, onto Spain!