• Why do you have so many museums?
  • Why do you have an entire store dedicated to rubber duckies?


  • Why do you have so many bikers?
  • Why do all of the bikers almost run me over?
  • Why did we have to wait two and a half hours to get to the Anne Frank House?


  • What?


  • Why are your coffee shops open so late? I mean, who needs caffeine at 11:30 pm?
  • Why is there a museum dedicated to tulips?
  • Why is the Tulip Museum so much more interesting after eating a cookie from that coffee shop?
  • Why don’t you bring a “Condomerie” to the United States?


  • Why are there so many sweets shops everywhere?
  • Why is the chicken & bacon hotdog so popular at 1:00 in the morning?


Who can actually fit into this car??


  • Why do all of your streets sound like made-up words? I mean…LIjnbaansgracht?
  • When can I move here?


Author’s Note: please forgive the photo size and layout inconsistency. I blame WordPress and also my complete disinterest in spending time trying to fix it.