Welcome to Kathleen and Rachel’s adventure in Europe!

A lot of people have told us that we’re crazy for simply dropping everything and moving our lives across the world for two months. But to be honest, I blame all of those motivational posters they hung up in my high school. They all told me that “Destiny is a matter of choice!” “Success is a journey, not a destination!” “Attitude makes all the difference!” “Something about integrity!”

In this blog, you will find enchanting stories, awkward miscommunications, profound cultural philosophies, and an occasional chuckle.

You will follow two young Americans through our trek as we take planes, trains, automobiles, bikes, mopeds, cabs, the backs of pick up trucks, stray donkeys, and most of all our own two feet, through the continent of Europe.

The excitement is heavy, the packing is light, and we are anxious and ready to go. And apparently those motivational-posters-designed-specifically-to-inspire-high-school-students-to-do-something-with-their-lives-and-not-fall-into-the-devastating-pit-of-drugs actually have an effect on young teenage brains, because here we are, years later, Pursuing Our Dreams, Believing in Ourselves, and Shooting for the Stars.

I mean, after all, there is no “I” in “Europe.”